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About our school Wydrukuj


Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych - the Complex of Secondary Schools in Ornontowice is situated in direct proximity of a beatiful park, in the centre of the commune, about twenty five kilometres south from Katowice, ten kilometres from Mikołów and eighteen kilometres away from Gliwice. Click here to find us.

Following its motto „We teach with passion for your career” the school teaches over 400 students in professsions that match the needs of the local job market. The school\'s offer includes:

Three-year vocational schools for:

  •  cooks,
  •  bakers
  •  electricians,
  •  glaziers,
  •  coal-miners,
  •  hairdressers,
  •  mechanics of agriculture vehicles and machinery

Four-year technical schools for:

  • economists,
  • coal-miners,
  •  electricians,
  •  builders,
  •  waiters
  •  horse breeders,
  •  nutrition and household technicians

Students from Ornontowice take part in numerous vocational and sport competitions as well as in the students exchange with the Berufskolleg fur Wirtschaft und Informatik in Neuss, Germany.


Ornontowice, situated in the Mikołów county, has a mixed character: agricultural and industrial. It  is a  socio-economically privileged area with  a well-operating ‘Budryk’ coal mine,  rapidly developing  private enterprise and numerous cultural institutions. In recent years it has proved to be highly ecological:  running pro-ecological projects and protecting the natural environment. 


Mikołów county lies almost in the centre of the Silesian Voivodeship .Its rural landscape with fields and forest is sometimes disturbed by industrial objects. It comprises 3 towns: Mikołów, Łaziska Górne and Orzesze and two communes: Ornontowice and Wyry. There are 91000 inhabitants and they are employed mainly at coal-mines "Budryk" and "Bolesław Śmiały", glassworks POL-AM-PACK S. A in Orzesze, power plant Łaziska, farming and services.

 The town of Mikołów has retained its medieval character with the main square in the middle and winding, narrow streets around but the houses surrounding  the square were built in the 18th and 19th century. Besides the old town in Mikołów tourists should not miss other interesting sights like the church in Bujaków-the sanctuary of St Mary Patroness of Natural Environment, the wooden churches in Paniowy and Borowa Wieś or technical and military monuments.


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Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych w Ornontowicach
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